Top 5 things to do to get 20% more leads...

..and it is not Social Media or SEO. This ebook has easy to understand path to a better lead generation and lead conversion tactics.

As a real estate agent, I am sure at some point you got asked – what is your social marketing strategy? Are you using Twitter to connect with others and grow your network? Are you buying Linked In ads and using Facebook app on your smartphone?
What if I could tell you that you already have the tools and you are spending resources on the channels that could easily generate 20% more leads in 2013, only if you knew where to look. This FREE ebook can help you focus your efforts in right direction.

Your ebook includes:

  • - An awesome video that covers website guideline points, other resources and sample successful agents website that could be the benchmark.
  • - One simple trick to sell your listings faster by getting more leads.
  • - Links to videos and other resources showing how analytics can help you increase lead conversion.
  • - Complete list of marketing efforts sorted in the right priority order.

2013 Dont waste your resources on marketing channels that doesn't work. Follow the simple Measure-Analyze-Improve cycle to increase your lead generation and conversion.

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