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SEO for real estate is a must..Or is it?

If you are like any other business savvy person, who want to see their business grow by capturing more leads online, then you have definitely heard about or read many articles bragging about how SEO can help you with your goals. Yes, there are rewards for those who are ready to learn the skill and put [...]

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5 things to do to get atleast 20% more leads in 1st half of 2013.

As a real estate agent, I am sure at some point you got asked – what is your social marketing strategy? Are you using Twitter to connect with others and grow your network? Are you buying Linked In ads and using Facebook app on your smartphone? Oh and everyone is on Pinterest, don’t you fall behind [...]

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Tourzilla video tutorial – Create new tour

Here is the first tutorial for creating real estate video tours with Tourzilla. This video tutorial shows how to create a real estate video tour with Tourzilla. The sample tour is created with only one media but users can add many more.

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Some cool videos about videos..

Facts about online video Darin Persinger on Video Marketing for Real Estate Video is awesome Online video facts – why you need a web video  

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What is your reason?

As human beings we all subconsciously (or sometimes even consciously) create a list of reasons for NOT doing something that warrants a change in how we do things. It could either mean learning something new, leaving some long time habit or even building a new habit that will help you in short or long term. [...]

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Just say NO to traditional virtual tour for real estate

10 reasons why today’s real estate agents gotta say NO to traditional virtual tours

Before we get into the reasons, lets make sure we are on the same page with the definition of – “Traditional Virtual Tour” for the real estate. By “Traditional Virtual Tour” I mean that your virtual tour satisfies one or more of the following conditions – Virtual tour uses flash to display the content Virtual [...]

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Retso Bot - Real estate event in SouthEast

RETSO Summary – Part 1 of 2

I just got back from one of the best real estate technology event – RETSO (ReTechSouth). RETSO organizers say that the event is for doers. Indeed. If you are a doer and attended the event, you must have loved it. If you are not doing lot of stuff speakers talked about then you must now [...]

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Getting most out of ReBarcamp #REBCCLT

Heres the list of things you can do to get most of out of the REBarcamp charlotte – 1) Know Thy Expectation- It’s obvious, right? You still need to write it down. What are the primary topic you are planning to learn about. I do not see any list of speakers on the website but [...]

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Importance of video in real estate industry

Heres a great video from ICNY with Chris Smith of the Tech Savvy Agent talking with a panel on how important the video is with in real estate industry. BTW the YOUTUBE title says it all – Video Marketing for Maximum Effect – Inman Connect Pay attention to some of the numbers mentioned like 81% [...]

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Geek Stuff: Determining orientation of an image taken by iphone in your program

Even If you have not done any programming that involves image handling in ios environment you still may have noticed an odd behavior,that I am about to explain, while looking at pictures on other devices that were originally captured using an iphone. Apple iPhone allows users to take picture while holding the phone at pretty [...]

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