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About Tourzilla

Tourzilla real estate video marketing software suite has been created with one and only one purpose – To provide the easiest possible solution to real estate professionals to be able to create a beautiful looking and effective video virtual tour without dealing with any complexity involved in the video editing process.

Tourzilla lets you take pictures of the house and enter the house information you want to include in the tour and with one click it generates the video tours and provides you the web link of your tour that is ready to be shared via your favorite social media outlet and also on the MLS system for your listing, if applicable.

Tourzilla tour creation software is available via our website or as a smartphone app. With the improvement in the camera capabilities of the smart phones, it is just logical to cut down all the extra steps agents have to go through to create the virtual tour and Tourzilla is the pioneer in this field. Tourzilla not only improves the productivity by simplifying how you create the virtual tour but also improves the quality of the tour created by incorporating your brand information within the video, so no matter how you share the tour with your clients, your brand and contact information goes with the tour video.(For the MLS that do not allow branded tours, we also create the tour without the brand information to comply with their guidelines).

2 Minute Introduction Video


  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers

    Tourzilla is perfect for single agent to large teams of agents who either currently do not include the video marketing or wants to improve the process.

  • Property Managers

    Tourzilla is also perfect solution for Rental Property Manager who wants to create tours just once and then host it in your website by just downloading the file from Tourzilla website and uploading on theirs.

  • Professional Real Estate Photographers

    Professional Photographers looking to use a high quality and stable system with awesome technology behind the scene will find Tourzilla perfect solution to help them provide excellent service to their clients.

  • Home Sellers selling themselves

    If you are selling your home by yourself and wants to include a video tour of the home in your listing on websites like craigslist.com, fsbo.com etc then take advantage of our low one time use rate for home sellers and give your listing all it needs to compete against the professional listings.

What would be your answer to these questions below?

  • Did you ever think you wanted to have video tours for each your listing but current solutions required too much of your time or are just too complex?
  • Did you want to get the best out of Social Media outlets and video marketing but don’t think current solutions are providing an easy to use service that does the job?
  • Do you think there should be a better solution out there which can create video tours that have all the information and should distribute to your marketing channels automatically?

If you are selling your home by yourself and wants to include a video tour of the home in your listing on websites like craigslist.com, fsbo.com etc then take advantage of our low one time use rate for home sellers and give your listing all it needs to compete against the professional listings


Creating real estate video tour just cannot get easier than this. Tourzilla app is designed to guide you through each step of the process. We also have detailed Wiki with How-Tos and other articles and videos to help you with the questions you may have. However, here is what you need to do to create a tour.

  • Enter house details, like address, price, number of beds and baths, sq. footage
  • Select the area of the house you want to cover in the tour, from a list on the app screen
  • Take pictures of each area of the house
  • ONE CLICK on your app screen and you are done!

Yeah, its that simple. No need to transfer or upload images.

Here is the best part

With Tourzilla, once you have taken all the pictures of the house and clicked the magic generate button, we will have the tour ready while you are driving back to your office. In today’s world your work actually begins after you reach home!


Sample video created using Tourzilla


Super Easy

Tourzilla mobile app makes it super easy to create awesome video tours from smartphones. After taking the pictures or video clips (yes Tourzilla supports video clips also) from the smartphone, using our app, creating virtual tour takes only one click.

Social Ready

As soon as you tour is generated, it is ready for distribution on any or all of your favorite social media outlets. You can share the video directly on facebook and not just the link and because your contact information is included within the video, your clients will know how to reach you.

Plans to fit all needs

Tourzilla is available per use basis for those who need to create a tour and use it repeatedly like for Property Managers. For Agents and Brokers who have the need to create tours on the ongoing basis, our monthly plans works best.

Anti Frustration Software

Our mission is to create software that just works, without issues and workarounds. We also believe in maximizing the productivity by moving the complex stuff to software.

Unbeatable Support

If you have any kind of issues with the software, or you need any assistance you can submit a problem report to us and we will get the issue resolved quickly. You can also use the screen to submit feature request

Device Aware Viewer

Tourzilla plays tour version that is most suitable for and compatible to the viewers device. (Supports iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets)

Hosted on Cloud

Tourzilla uses Amazon Cloud to store and present tours to the clients of our users. Using the strength of the cloud, we ensure that tour is presented to the clients as quickly as possible whenever and whereever they want.

Unlimited Revisions

If need to make chagnes or adjustments to your tour – just update the details or add / change pictures and click one button to generate the tour again. If you like the revised tour, click one more button to make the new tour live on the web. Its that easy.

Optimized for Lead Generation and Brand Promotion

Your brand is integrated within the video so the video not only has house information but also your contact information, which is why no matter how video is shared or where it is viewed, your prospective clients will see your brand as part of the video.