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Top 5 ways to generate more leads from Craigslist

Craigslist is the 9th most visited website in United States. It has millions of unique monthly visitors and billions of page view. People buy, sell and trade from needle to boat and share comments to fantasies. For black hat marketers, it is a gold mine and it has become a must have for real estate marketing plan.

Craigslist provides a dedicated section for real estate and with the kind of traffic Craigslist has, it is a no-brainer to market the property there. However, more and more people/agents/companies are using Craigslist which makes it hard to stand out and attract eyeballs.

That is why we came up with top 5 techniques that you can use to stand out and generate more traffic for your listings from craigslist. Download the eBook with all 5 techniques in details and step by step instructions of how to use those techniques.

Here is the high level summary of how you can take your craigslist marketing to whole another level -

1 – Include link to property video tour in your craigslist ad – Convert the main image of property into a video player image and link that to the video tour of the property.

2 – Include more images in your ad, with each image linked to your listing page

3 – Make your post look professional and give plenty of options to contact you. Here is an image to illustrate this point visually

Real Estate post on Craigslist

Real Estate post on Craigslist

4 – Add extra keywords that will motivate the users to click on the title link to view the details.

5 – Use the cool characters (as shown below) to stand out and be more noticeable. (See eBook for resources and step by step instruction on how to include them in your craigslist post)

Cool Characters

Cool Characters


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