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15 top factors to consider when choosing a real estate video tour solution

Top 15 factors when selecting real estate video tour solution

Top 15 factors when selecting real estate video tour solution

Yesterday I came across a great article written by a very nice person – Bernice Ross – from RealEstateCoach.com on the subject of video tours. (See this article here – Turn mobile photos into listing videos)

In this first of the multi-articles blog series, Bernice mentioned some well known video services some of which have been around for sometime and others are more like the ‘new kid in the block’, but they are all very cool and have earned the respect among the technology startups.

While these are all great video apps for creating nice looking presentations with fancy transitions & effects or a cool video to share with your friends and family about a ski trip or perhaps a cruise trip to caribbean, in my humble opinion, these apps just dont cut it when it comes to real estate listing video tour.

Please note that I absolutely appreciate the effort that has gone into creating these world class service and not at all undermining the quality of these apps. I am a technology lover who is sucker for quality so I know a cool technology gadget when I see it, and these are all the winners.

However – and thats a big however – none of these services are completely suitable for creating real estate video tours, simply because these are generic video solutions and do not address real estate specific needs.

In order to help our dear real estate agents, we are providing a list of criterion you need to check your next video tour solution against -

Creating the tour:

o Allows pictures and video clips

o Creates branded and non-branded versions of tours with no extra efforts

o Agent / Company branding within the tour video (for branded version)

o Ability to edit the video after it is made live on the internet

Hosting the tour:

o Hosts the video effortlessly

o Agent / Company branding on the tour display page

o Tour display page/url should be optimized to generate leads

o The final tour should be a video (and social media outlet ready)

Displaying the tour:

o Video tour display page should be clutterless and should have one purpose

o Tools to engage potential buyers of the property

o Multiple ways for proespective leads to contact agent

o Nice clear view of the pictures

A prospective home buyer looking at the pictures of a house just wants to get a clear, nice and large view of the room picture & unnecessary transitions and effects are just distractions.

o Provide a way to view pictures along with video tour for prospective buyers.

Distributing the tour:

o Video tour should really be a Property Video Brochure and social media outlet distribution ready

Analytics and reporting:

o Video tour solution should provide detailed reporting to the agent with traffic details


So, overall:

o Absolutely Easy to use – thats easy with capital E : Software is created to make a job easy so if it is painful to use the software, the purpose is defeated.

o Cost effective


Let us know if there is a criteria important to you that we did not cover in the above list. We will also be happy to answer any question about your video marketing needs. Please reach us using the contact us form on this website.


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