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Tourzilla goes international

As always, we have been hard at work here at Tourzilla and because of that we are able to make the Tourzilla available internationally. Yes, Tourzilla will support most of the countries supported by Apple. We are so excited to start the 2013 with this significant change.

We made a huge planning error of releasing the app in all the countries but the screen supported the states within United States only. That was a huge oversight and error.  Based on user registrations, over 50% of our users are outside states. We soon realized that this is our top most priority  - so we started working on the change. From the face of it, this was a simple change to allow the user to select the country and then enter the state name, instead of displaying a list of states from US. However it was lot more than just that because it is not just the city, state and country but also zip code formats that differs across borders. The biggest challenge was handling the currency for all those countries. It took sometime to get everything in order but it is all done now.

Heres a sneak peak at the updated -


There are a ton of features we need to add but here are some immediate ones we are looking to tackle -

1) Enhancing Tour Viewer to include a lot more details than what it has right now

2) Tour Viewer analytics and reporting

3) Reducing the time it takes to create the tour

4) Some minor enhancements to Tourzilla app

- Allowing user to be able to add new tour areas

- Support Reordering of tour area

- Auto Video Stabilization to give video professional look


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