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5 things to do to get atleast 20% more leads in 1st half of 2013.

Social Prism

Social Prism

As a real estate agent, I am sure at some point you got asked – what is your social marketing strategy? Are you using Twitter to connect with others and grow your network? Are you buying Linked In ads and using Facebook app on your smartphone? Oh and everyone is on Pinterest, don’t you fall behind on that. There is a new shiny thing on the internet every few months that just increases the madness.

Do we really need more tools? – May be yes / May be No, but thats really not the point of this post.

The point is that in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your total online marketing efforts there are some technical efforts/arrangements that are more basic and are almost required to be done first, for you to get real benefit out of your online marketing efforts and trust me following the new shiny thing is absolutely not one of them. Its a little bit of cliche but like how a kid cannot learn to form words correctly before learning alphabets, you cannot take complete benefit of advanced marketing techniques unless your basics are covered.

Also, It is not only important to learn what to do but also what not to do simply because if you do what yields sub-optimal results, then you are just wasting the most-important limited-quantity non-refundable resource you’ve got – Your Time! and yeah, money too .. but there is a possibility that you can earn money back.

One last thing before discussing the points is that I was advised to keep this post small to keep it engaging and also to make sure readers don’t end up spending a lot of time reading all the details even if they don’t need it. So, if you need more information on what is mentioned below, then follow the link at the end of the post to download a FREE book that covers the topic in more details along with the list of technology efforts in right order of priority and resources that can help you get there relatively easily.


1) Your Website - Needless to say, your website is your 24×7 online sales office where a random web surfer can end up from a variety of sources so the quality of your website has direct impact on how many leads you generate from your website alone. By quality here, I mean

  • How easy it is to find three things on your website – Finding homes for sale, Finding the value of a house, Finding information about area or link to resources for an area.
  • How beautiful your website looks – Yes, it matters.
  • How easy it is to contact you

This is one investment that you will absolutely not regret. It needs some effort and I know some of you have been putting it off for sometime but this can easily increase your website leads.

2) Listing Justification - I am sure most of the agents do “Listing syndication” but not as many do a justification to the listing because there are listings out there with 2 (just two) pictures of the property (I saw this listing 2 weeks back). In this day and age, taking a picture and emailing or uploading them is so easy that you should not shy away from taking any less pictures than what is allowed by your mls. (or more, so you can pick and choose the best ones).

3) Analytics - You may think that when people call me and say they have seen my website that means my website must be doing fine. Let me ask you this, would you be willing to find out if your website has potential to produce one more sale each quarter? Did you say – YES! :)  Analytics doesn’t change what you already know, it helps uncover what you dont know. Analytics can help you optimize both Lead Conversion and Lead Generation and trust me using an analytics system is not rocket science.

4) Lead Management and follow up System - A California Association of Realtors study, found that 54% of clients chose their agents not based upon professionalism but instead speed of response to a primary inquiry.  The National Association of Realtors says you are 236% more likely to gain someone as a client if you are the first brokerage to speak with them. I know following up is probably the hardest part of this job but as long as you have quality leads, (not the purchased leads from the mortgage brokers or ‘internet leads’) you can expect to have high response rate as long as you follow up diligently.

5) Website Automation  - Did you know that your chances of closing a deal with a lead who gets a reply from you  in first 5 minutes of their online submitted inquiry is like 100 times higher than those who gets a response in first hour and then it significantly drops for those getting reply after 10 hours. I am obviously not suggesting you  be workaholic, but there are technology solutions like - Auto Reply Contact Us form, Website Chat plugns, Call Me feature, SMS notifications and more that can put you on top of your lead actions and be ahead of the game.


This is the end of the list. I ended up adding so many details to this post originally but then I had to create the ebook leavng just the bare minimum here as the post got too long.


Social Media and SEO – SM and SEO did not make the top 5 list but if you are one of those top agents who already have the above technology solutions in place then you should get the ebook (see link below) to see where SEO and SM stands along with others that did not make the list.

I hope you can see that my point is also that we stop the madness with the next-generation-shiny tool thing and get back to basics that can really help with increasing your sales and can be measured quantitatively to prove it.


Here is what you can do next - 

  1. If you got the context of whats needed but have specific question – go ahead and ask your question below and I will be replying to each and every question.
  2. You think it all made sense but need more information on what exactly needs to be done, some pointers to economical ways to update your website and developer insight on how we, developers, get stuff done using freelancers, then click here to download FREE ebook/guide
    • Whats included in ebook?
      • Website - link to an awesome video that covers a lot of such guideline points, other resources and sample successful agents website that should really be the benchmarks.
      • Listing Justification - Why smartphone cameras are enough most of the time?
      • Analytics – Links to videos and other resources showing how analytics can help you increase lead conversion.
      • and so much more..
  3. You disagree with any of my suggestions, then let us know what you think. There is no one solution that will fit all but at least some or all of the above suggestions will apply for good subset of agents. Please help out other agents by sharing what you know and making 2013 their best year so far. So, please share what you know.

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