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What is your reason?

As human beings we all subconsciously (or sometimes even consciously) create a list of reasons for NOT doing something that warrants a change in how we do things. It could either mean learning something new, leaving some long time habit or even building a new habit that will help you in short or long term. Change is hard and is not always a smooth transition.
I know quite a bit about video, technology and real estate, so I apply this reasoning to use of video in real estate field.

As per NAR less than 1% realtors use video whereas more than 90% consumers in a survey said they want to work with an agent who uses video. For me thats a huge gap and a big problem. Now on one hand we all know that video is fun and easy to watch, more engaging and potentially could produce better results but the reality of creating a good quality video is that videos are very hard to edit, to transform raw footage into something that looks professional and provides all the information that buyers are looking for. It takes a huge learning curve for an agent to master this process unless they hire a specialist to create video for their listing, which is not always feasible or even makes business sense. Not to mention all the extra hardware and software one needs to buy to create the video that can be used with listing or on your blog etc.

Here are reasons I come across frequently –
1) I am not sure which camera is best for capturing the video
2) I am not sure how to edit the video
3) Editing video take a long time or is very hard
4) I am not sure which software to use
5) Videos I capture have shakiness so I like to take picture and create traditional virtual tour.

There are many more reasons but those are the top ones. I think reasons tell the areas you need to work on, as long as you are willing to make the commitment and go after whatever it is you are trying to do but letting those reasons paralyze you will make the task unachievable in your mind, which will prevent you from making progress and moving forward in life.

Finally – take a look at this video that I found on youtube about “giving reasons”. I find it very motivating, I hope you do too..

So whats your reason for not using video for your listing?

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